Find Time for Music

Namaskaram Rasikas,
How are you?

Last week I sent out my December Margazhi Schedule in an email which also had a video of me speaking directly to my dear fans. In that video, I encourage everyone to continue making music for their own pleasure and never give it up due to the pressures of life.

The video garnered so much attention and love, that I have decided to post it on my blog for everyone to watch. I hope it inspires you to continue your pursuit of music in whichever way you choose.

Due to the incredible response, I have received for my video throughout last week, I am thinking of starting a series of videos speaking about things that I would like to share with my beloved rasikas.

You can watch them on my YouTube channel here:
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Please feel free to communicate with me through your comments.
I am excited to be opening this conversation with you through my videos.

Until next time.

One thought to “Find Time for Music”

  1. Namaskaram ma’am,

    Thanks for your advice, a lot of it applies to any field. When I developed an interest in mathematics a bit later in life, I first worried about how far ahead everyone else was, but I soon learned to do it just for my own pleasure if nothing else and if someone knows more than me, very well, I can learn from them!
    What I love about you beyond music is that you are inspiration for anything one wants to achieve in life and to enjoy it.
    Thank you so much.

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