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A little while ago, I went live on Instagram and on Facebook for an episode of “Utsaah” by Durga Jasraj. Durga Jasraj is the daughter of Sangeetha Marthand, Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj. She is an acknowledged singer of Hindustani Classical and Devotional Music, has contributed greatly to reaching the appreciation of our classical arts to the audience at large. Her TV Show Idea Jalsa has also been hugely popular.

For the first part of the show, we went live on Instagram for a chat. It was wonderful to see so many lovely comments coming in the whole time. After our Instagram chat, we moved on to Facebook where I performed live for 1.5 hours.

We started the session with me talking about the basics of Carnatic music – alaap, tanam, improvisations (kalpanaswaras), etc. with backstories and snippets of songs to explain and demonstrate my points. I thought that would be of interest to singers and enthusiasts of Hindustani classical music watching the episode.

The program ends with me singing several songs that were requested by viewers finally wrapping up with Kalinga Narthana Tillana explaining the different parts of the song.

You can watch the episode below – I hope you enjoy it. 

Utsaah episode 47 – legendary Aruna Sairam LIVE performance

This is such a phenomenal performance by the Legendary Vidwan Aruna Sairam ji…Everything about her was a learning experience… The interactions with Aruna ji for this performance of "Utsaah" have sharpened my over all approach… It was truly memorable experience to put up this performance… I am in awe of her attitude and how much she prepares even now for each and every concert/performance… This is her debut of FB LIVE and it truly means the world that it all happened on my page…Her had worked so hard to get every aspect of this presentation perfect and the efforts show the required result… The ease, the sparkle and powerful performance swept people off their feet… Each everything including her crisp lec-dem helped the uninitiated to get introduced to Carnatic Classical Music and by the end of her performances you can make out how much they have loved her each and every rendition…So grateful to Aruna ji especially for singing the Durga stuti with such fervour and zest… It created a spell… Almost all of us never want to come out of her divine spell of music… So grateful to you…This performance is episode #47 of our daily show “Utsaah” #spreadinghappiness… a humble attempt to spread joy, love and happiness as a service for better mental health… Jai Ho 💕🙏🏼#liveinthelivingroom #Utsaah #Carnaticclassicalmusic #ArunaSairam #Maestro #DurgaJasraj #IndianMusic #IndianClassicalMusic

Posted by Durga Jasraj on Sunday, May 10, 2020

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