My experience as a Special Guest-Judge on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors

I was recently on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 as a Special Guest-Judge for the Devotional Segment of the episode.
And what a great time did I have!

It was amazing to interact with the Producer of the show, Sekar Sai Bharath Ssb, who is full of passion and imagination. He had organised this very interesting and moving crossover for the performers. Aslam, who is one of the most prized contestants of the show, sang ‘Om Shivohamʼ so beautifully and was such a delight to listen to. His performance was greatly appreciated by everyone including the singer of the original song, Mr Vijay Prakash who was listening to him from the judges’ panel. And then there was Karthik, another immensely gifted singer who sang the Tamil version of ‘Khwaja mere Khwajaʼ with such charm that it moved everyone in the studio. What an interesting curation of songs by the producer, along with due consideration to the kind of songs that would be just perfect for the corresponding singersʼ talents to shine through.

Another huge surprise (and pleasure) was listening to Lakshmi who sang the song ‘Chellatha Mariathaʼ. Her performance was simply out of the world!

Krishangi, a contestant all the way from Assam, who doesn’t speak a word of Tamil, managed to get everyone on their feet and dance to her super energetic rendition of ‘Kundrathile Kumaranukku Kondattamʼ.
I was filled with amaze to watch so many talented young people perform.

The judges on the show are eminent singers Sujatha Mohan, Vijay Prakash, and Srinivas. I am a huge fan of all of them so it was a doubly enjoyable experience for me, to be able to spend time with them.
To be honest, when I was invited to be on the show, I thought I would have to brace myself for a really long day of the shoot. Those apprehensions were quickly put to rest when I met everyone at the studio. In fact, the whole shoot felt like spending a day in a huge house filled with extremely talented people. By the time we wrapped up, it was midnight and quite contrary to my concern, I came out of the studio feeling completely refreshed from having spent a day amidst lovely music, wonderful musical colleagues and a Producer and Host who is so remarkably passionate about music and people.

I must compliment Mr Sai Bharath and Zee Tamil Channel for creating such an excellent and encouraging atmosphere for these incredibly talented young singers. It would be incomplete without the mention the young and promising Director, Vijayakumar Vivekanandan, who takes the entertainment factor of the show up a notch.

The humour and wit of the brilliant anchor Archana Chandhoke made the show so enjoyable. It is very important for an artist to be able to find a space or a forum that would help them showcase their talents and exhibit their art to the world. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is doing exactly that. I believe any institution, organisation, or forum that provides such a platform should be duly appreciated and venerated.

I am very happy to have been a part of this great initiative.

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