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An ode to India in all its colours

Posted on 09/03/2017 in The Hindu

  • The eighth edition of Aikya will find Aruna, Sudha and Jayashri take the stage together

    Aikya, the annual musical presented by Global Adjustments, always has something new for the audience. The productions are specially curated and field leading artists performing solo or in combination. The latest edition, titled India@70, will have three leading artistes — Aruna Sairam, Sudha Ragunathan and Bombay Jayashri — come together for the first time. “Global Adjustments Foundation is honoured to dedicate the eighth edition of Aikya to the seven decades of independent India using the seven notes in various ragas, in seven Indian languages, through the magical voices of Aruna, Sudha and Jayashri,” says Ranjini Manian, CEO.

    The musicians are excited about the outing. Aruna Sairam, who is appearing for the second time on the Aikya platform, says that she is looking forward to the experience. “I loved performing before the elite audience in 2010,” she recalls. “The proceeds from the concert go to the funds raised for retired accompanying artistes, and I am honoured to be a part of this cause,” she adds.

    The cause appeals to Bombay Jayashri too. “This is my third performance for Aikya and I was immensely happy with my experience. With the 70th Independence Day in the background, the music will unite the several strands that go to make this country, ” she says. In Arun Prakash, she finds a sensitive composer and remembers the days she worked with his father the late L. Krishnan. “He was a great composer and Arun has inherited the talent. It has been a delight to work with him,” she adds.

    Sudha Ragunathan has never passed up an opportunity to collaborate and this was no exception. “I love to perform with other artists and this is a unique occasion, where the three of us have come together,” she says. That Aikya has a social cause is an added incentive for Sudha, whose Samudaya works for the welfare of children and the destitute. How are they going to present the songs? “Oh, Arunprakash is a brilliant composer and he will mesh the elements to present a colourful tapestry, which is India,” she says.

    Challenging task

    So what does the young composer have to say? “It is both an honour and a challenge and I’m enjoying it,” says Arunprakash,. “Three eminent artistes with different styles and srutis, multilingual songs and an orchestra that should be subtle — it is up to me to make the music flow seamlessly for 90 minutes,” he says. Songs by school children is also on the cards. “It is shaping up well and with my father’s blessings I should pull it off, so that the audience takes home a memorable experience,” he sums up.


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