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Wisdom of Vithala - Nov 18

Posted on 21/10/2011 in The Hindu

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  • Wisdom of Vithala - Nov 18

    The name Aruna Sairam is synonymous with abhangs. When she introduced this brilliant form in her effervescent style to Chennai over two decades ago, it brought a refreshing flavour to the Carnatic concerts. Today, none of her recitals are considered complete without an abhang. Aruna Sairam’s abhang performances have always been historic shows with power-packed renditions, with full houses of ecstatic audiences soaking in the delight of bhakti. She has been rightly acclaimed as the ‘Queen of Abhangs’.

    Accompanied by an ensemble of ten well-known musicians from North and South India, Wisdom of Vithala will take audiences on a spiritual journey to Pandharpur. The word ‘Abhang’ literally means – ‘that which does not stop’ and in the case of Aruna Sairam it also refers to unending devotion in her scintillating renditions.

    The Wisdom of Vithala: Arun Sairam sings Abhangs

    November 18, The Kerala Fine Arts Hall, Kochi, 7.30 p.m.

    Aruna Sairam: Vocals

    H.N. Bhaskar: Violin

    J. Vaidynathan: Mridangam

    S.V. Ramani: Ghatam

    Atmaram Bicholkar: Harmonium

    Manoj Bhati: Tabla

    Prakash Shejwal: Pakhawaj

    Pratap Rath: Additional Percussion


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