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  • Album of Aruna Sairam - Arunambujam
  • Publisher Name : Rajalakshmi Audio
    Published Year : 2009
    Published Country : India
    Categories : Live Performance, Carnatic Classical, Thematic
    Accompanied By : H.N. Bhaskar - Violin, Patri Satish Kumar - Mridangam, S. V. Ramani - Ghatam, R. Raman - Morsing. Concept - T. Satish Kumar.

Kritis of Ambujam Krishna. Recorded at the Music Academy, Chennai in 2009

Track Listing

  • Viruttam - Sri Guru Stothram Followed by Tyagarja Swami
    Raga: Hindolam Followed by Atana   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Adi Sankarar
  • 6:52
  • Narahariyai Vandan
    Raga: Simhendramadhyamam   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 7:47
  • Unnarulai Enni
    Raga: Sahana   Thalam: Rupakam
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 11:49
  • Viruttam (Nalayira Divyaprabhandam) Followed by Kandadum Kanavo
    Raga: Todi Followed by Todi   Thalam: Misra Chapu
    Composer: Budattazhwar
  • 30:22
  • En Tai Ni Andro
    Raga: Arabhi   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 3:53
  • Eppadi Ennagam Followed by Sollittan Teriyumo
    Raga: Nattakurinji Followed by Hamsanandi   Thalam: Adi Followed by Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 8:47
  • Ezhil Thirumeni
    Raga: Brindavana Saranga   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 3:52
  • Ragam - Tanam Pallavi
    Raga: Kalyani   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 51:50
  • Ganamazhai Pozhigindran
    Raga: Ragamalika   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 4:58
  • Karumugil Vannanukku
    Raga: Madhyamavati   Thalam: Adi (Khanda Nadai)
    Composer: Ambujam Krishna
  • 12:53

Liner Notes

  • Simple and spontaneous, Ambujam Krishna's compositions, all devotional, are straight from the heart. Ambujam Krishna, meritorious lyricist of recent times, was blessed with a fulfilling life from the day she was born on May 21, 1917 till she passed away on October 21, 1989.

    Married to her cousin, T. S. Krishna, son of pioneer industrialist T. V. Sundaram Iyengar, Ambujam had the privilege and conducive environment to understand and appreciate traditional values, art, culture and the quintessence of bhakti.

    In August 1951, after a visit to the samadhi of Tyagaraja at Tiruvaiyaru, Ambujam became emotionally charged and was inspired to compose devotional hymns on the deities of the Hindu pantheon. Her kritis in various languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and Manipravalam are spontaneous, emotive expressions of total surrender to the Godhead.

    Ambujam's creations have a wide range in the forms of opera, kummi, oonjal, kilikanni, thalattu, and the lyrical substance in pada varnams. Her humility has never permitted her to claim authorship of her songs. Ambujam maintained that her songs were solely the result of divine benediction and it was not due to her composing prowess. Source: The Hindu