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Nadayogam Trust

  • Nadayogam Trust – Est. 2012

    Pursuing the Yoga of Divine Music

    During the year, 2011, Dr. Kris Yogam, a very dear friend of our family, planted the seed of thought that we must preserve and propagate the legacy of Indian classical music as inherited from our ancestors and gurus.  Dr. Yogam says "The act of giving is noble, though the act of giving knowledge is supreme."  We are very grateful to our dear friend who has inspired us to start the Nadayogam Trust to achieve this objective.

    The mission of the 'Nadayogam Trust' is to conduct, encourage and provide financial and non-financial assistance for outreach and research in music, musical concepts and personalities.

    The Nadayogam Trust fosters every aspect of the classical music ecosystem by giving performance opportunities to young musicians, facilitating a flow of knowledge from senior gurus to aspiring young musicians, encouraging dialogue between different groups that are engaged in music, and taking classical music to underprivileged children. Additionally, this trust is dedicated to in-depth research in music. Aruna’s library consists of approximately 5000 books and rare records. The trust is currently devoted to archiving these records to make it accessible for public use.


    ABCIt is also special to me that this Trust has commenced in the centenary year of my revered Guru, Sangita Kalanidhi Smt. T.Brinda. It is with this sentiment, that I am proud to announce that the Trust has sponsored a pictorial biography of Brindamma, authored by well known researcher and writer, Lakshmi Devnath.  The book will be officially released on April 23 in Chennai. The pictorial biography elaborates on the great musical lineage of the Veena Dhannammal School, Brindamma’s Guru – Nayana Pillai, as well as her personal achievements and contribution. The images in the book provide a visual glimpse into the lives and times of those great artists from Brindamma’s generation.

    I would like to express my grateful thanks to you for supporting all my musical and cultural endeavours. 




    The first endeavor of the Nadayogam Trust was to sponsor the publication of a pictorial biography of Smt Aruna’s guru, Sangita Kalanidhi Smt T Brinda “Pictures of Melody – T Brinda” by Lakshmi Devnath, with a view to sensitize young minds to the contributions of great musicians of the past.








    The release of the pictorial biography of legendary musician Smt. T. Brinda in an easily readable format for young students at the expense of Rs. 3 lakhs. Book published and released by Nadayogam Trust.




    Under the Nadayogam Trust, a scholarship scheme has been instituted, through which violins were given to students of S V College of Music and Dance, Tirupati, one of prestigious TTD's institutions. These students do not have the means to buy violins although they are studying a full music course.





















    The Nadayogam Trust has funded and donated violins to students of S.V College of Music & Dance, Tirupati. These students come from rural villages and have no musical background nor can they afford to buy instruments. An amount of Rs. 2 lakhs has been put in fixed deposit to run this scheme. 
















    Nadayogam trust supporting Guru Sishya Parampara by helping well known Carnatic musician Smt Uma (from the well known Uma Geetha sisters) by giving a scholarship to her daughter and student Ms. Nandini for musical education.










    The Nadayogam Trust is currently giving a monthly stipend to young flautist brothers Heramba and Hemantha who live in the far flung area of Madikeri, Coorg for continuing their music education. The Trust has created an endowment to continue this educational program