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The Hindu's Music Podcast | In conversation with Aruna Sairam

Posted on 18/12/2018 in The Hindu

  • Sangita Kalanidhi–designate Aruna Sairam opens up to Jayant Sriram about her early years, collaborations in the age of social media, and her approach to concert performance.

    The Marghazi season in Chennai is in full swing and it’s that time of the year when a spell of music is cast over the city, with 60 organisations or sabhas hosting over 200 performances and numerous lecture-demonstrations on Carnatic music. The Chennai music season is one of the largest in the world and, to kick off the The Hindu’s music podcast series, we speak to The Music Academy’s Sangita Kalanidhi–designate Aruna Sairam, who will preside over the 92nd annual conference.

    In this episode, Ms. Sairam speaks about what the prestigious Sangita Kalanidhi award means to her, and recounts some of her early years coming down from Mumbai to perform in the Chennai music season. She also reflects about her interaction with audiences in the age of social media and speaks of the various collaborations she has undertaken across the world to take Carnatic music outside the confines of Chennai and the December season. And, of course, she brings her amazing voice to the fore, all through the interview.


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