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70th Ojai Festival 2016

Dear Friends,

An evening of ​exhilaration for me as a Carnatic musician​,​ when on 11th June, 2016, I will  perform at the 70th Ojai ​M​usic ​F​estival in Ventura ​C​ounty, California. ​A moment to be ​cherished forever as this is the first in its​ ​70 year history that they have invited a Carnatic musician to perform at the Ojai festival. Ojai occupies a significant place in contemporary history with many celebrated musicians such as Arnold Schoenberg and Igor Stravinsky having made it their home.

​​To perform our ​Carnatic​ music ​in its authentic form, ​to such an international audience is indeed a matter of great ​pleasure and privilege for me. ​

All this has been possible due to the unstinting support of my rasikas who have stood by me in my musical journey.

With best regards,

Aruna Sairam

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