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I was born to South Indian parents in the West Indian city of Bombay. This brought in a curious mix into my upbringing and outlook. Our humble Bombay flat was a gathering place for several talented musicians who found appreciative ears in my parents. They would bring with them weekends full of music.

While at home I was exposed to Indian classical music, at school, I learned English songs as a part of the school choir. After school, I would voraciously consume music on the radio. First, the Bollywood hits followed by the Tamil hits on Radio Ceylon. My training in Carnatic Music started with my mother teaching me the basics.

When I was 11, I was taken under the wing of a very senior musician - Smt T Brinda. I now went from casually learning and loving music to undergoing formal training from a senior artist. My training went on into my 20s. This was when I was attempting to make sense of life while trying to find my place in the world. By the time I was 30, I realised that the only thing that lights me up is music. It was then that I started looking into ways to make things work as a singer. Only in my 40s did I think about coming to Chennai, the epicentre of Carnatic Music.

With that, started the latest part of my journey. While I was learning and growing in Chennai, I was also battling non-receptivity and resistance as my approach to Carnatic music did not fit into the traditional notions.

What kept me afloat through these testing times were my audiences and my trusted team with whom I worked day after day. My rasikas shaped me into the person and musician I am today. To give back that love, I have worked hard to evolve and offer enjoyable music for every listener.

I hope I can continue bringing good music to you and continue receiving the love that you have so generously showered on me from the very beginning of my journey.

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18 Mar
Knit India through Music
The Music Academy, Chennai
5 Mar
26th Annual Music, Dance & Drama Festival - Nayaki
Abirami Chidambaram Community Hall, Chennai
27 Jan
Maargaa 2023
Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru
21 Jan
Seminar - The Aspect of Bhakti in Indian Music Traditions
National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai

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