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  • Album of Aruna Sairam - South India Padam, Tanjore Style of Singing
  • Publisher Name : Ocora - France
    Published Year : 1999
    Published Country : France
    Categories : Carnatic Classical, Padams, International Release
    Accompanied By : Durai Swaminathan - Violin, K Arun Prakash - Mridangam, Udupi S Sreeedhar - Ghatam, Shakuntala - Tampura

Aruna Sairam is a protege of the Tanjore school through her association with the heiress of the great Veena Dhannammal, the late Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt. T. Brinda (1912-1996). T Brinda along with her sister T Muktha are reputed to be repositories of many padams and javalis, some rarely heard today in concerts.

Track Listing

  • Padam - Paiyyada
    Raga: Nadanamakriya  
  • 9:49
  • Padam "Poosadaramu"
    Raga: Thodi  
  • 9:31
  • Padam - "Kontegadu"
    Raga: Surati  
  • 9:58
  • Padam - "Ninnu Juchi"
    Raga: Punnagavarali  
  • 9:29
  • Kriti - Paramatmudu
    Raga: Vagadhiswari  
  • 8:02
  • Sloka - Sayangaley
    Raga: Hamir Kalyan   Composer: Krishna Karnamrutam
  • 4:40
  • Sloka - Threeloga
    Raga: Dvijavanti  
  • 3:11
  • Sloka - Sayviyam
    Raga: Hamsanandi  
  • 3:40
  • Sloka - Vandhey Gam
    Raga: Surati  
  • 1:53

Liner Notes

  • Listeners can treat this album as an exposure to the Tanjore style, with particular emphasis on rendering of padams, which are difficult pieces of the Karnatic repertoire to learn and perform. In this album, Aruna has rendered three of Kshetrayya's padams as well as one of Govindaswamy's. And not precluding the trinity of Karnatic Music, she includes a kriti of Tyagaraja in the Vivadi raga (raga with dissonant notes) Vagadhishvari. And what a thoughtful way to conclude her tribute to her masters with a Sanskrit sloka from the Krishna Karnamrutham of Bilwamangala Lilasuka in a garland of ragas! A great collection item for beginners and connoisseurs alike.