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  • Album of Aruna Sairam - Chant Karnatique
  • Publisher Name : Auvidis Ethnic - France
    Published Year : 1990
    Published Country : France
    Categories : Carnatic Classical, International Release
    Accompanied By : Sundar Rajan - Violin, Bombay S. Shankaranarayan - Mridangam, Maitreyi Sayeeram - Tambura

Recorded in France in 1990.

Track Listing

  • Srivighna Rajam Bhaje
    Raga: Gambhira Nattai   Thalam: Khanda Chapu
    Composer: Oothukkadu venkata Subba Iyer
  • 8:11
  • Siva, Siva, Siva
    Raga: Raga Pantuvarali   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Thyagaraja
  • 5:43
  • I Vela Nannu Brovara
    Raga: Kamas   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: bhadrachala ramadasa
  • 7:12
  • Teliyaleru Rama
    Raga: Dhamuka   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Thyagaraja
  • 8:45
  • Samaja Vara Gamana
    Raga: Raga Hindolam   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Tyagaraja
  • 6:14
  • Kannan Varuginra
    Raga: Raga Senchurutti   Thalam: Eka Tisra Nadai
    Composer: Oothukkadu Venkata Subba Iyer
  • 4:59

Liner Notes

  • After fifteen years of contact with the public and of important contacts with other great musicians around her, Aruna Sairam has affirmed her own style deeply rooted in tradition, but open to all kinds of favorable influences which accord with it, this style makes no concession gratuitous virtuosity. It expresses profundity, emotion and devotion; her deep, grave and powerful voice is the jewel which instantly amazes and enthralls those who are lucky enough to hear it. Thanks to this, she has gone and held the attention of an attentive and fervent following both in India, where she regularly gives concerts and sings for Radio and Television, in Europe, particularly France, Germany and the United States, in great festivals where she appears frequently.