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  • Album of Aruna Sairam - Live Concert Chennai December Season 2003
  • Publisher Name : Charsur Digital
    Published Year : 2004
    Published Country : India
    Categories : Live Performance, Carnatic Classical, Chennai December Season
    Accompanied By : Embar S Kannan - Violin, Neyveli R Narayanan - Mridangam, S. V. Ramani - Ghatam

Live Concert - Chennai December Season 2003 - Presented by Karthick Fine Arts at Narada Gana Sabha. Recorded on 9 December, 2003.

Track Listing

  • Varnam
    Raga: Saveri   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Kottavasal Venkatarama Iyer
  • 8:03
  • Adiya pada darishanam
    Raga: Darbar   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Gopalakrishna Bharati
  • 6:12
  • Eti janmam
    Raga: Varali   Thalam: Mishra Chapu
    Composer: Tyagaraja
  • 25:37
  • Mahadeva shiva shambho
    Raga: Revathi   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Tanjavur Sankara Iyer
  • 6:39
  • Rama namamu
    Raga: Athana   Thalam: Adi
  • 4:26
  • Ragam Vocal
    Raga: Mohanam  
  • 1:08
  • Ragam Violin
    Raga: Mohanam  
  • 5:36
  • Nannu palimpa
    Raga: Mohanam   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Tyagaraja
  • 33:53
  • Baje mrudanga (Abhang)
    Thalam: Ekam
  • 7:20
  • gandhamu poyyaruga
    Raga: Punnagavarali   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Tyagaraja
  • 3:37
  • Pasuram - Followed by kurai ondrumillai
    Raga: Ragamalika   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: C. Rajagopalachari
  • 12:19

Liner Notes

  • Beginning with a strong base, classical core, as prepresented by T. Brinda, and Bombay Ramachandran, Aruna Sairam has moved on to a position from where she seeks to attract both the cognoscenti and the lay listeners to Carnatic music. Her string base in Classism has ensures that she does not dilute her standards, while at the same time offering music to entertain emotionally. She thus forms a unique bridge that unites the intellect with emotion. Blessed with an extensive repertoire that is unique in many aspects, Aruna's concerts are extremely lively affairs.