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  • Album of Aruna Sairam - The Lyrical Tradition of Carnatic Music
  • Publisher Name : Makar- France
    Published Year : 1995
    Published Country : France
    Categories : Carnatic Classical, International Release
    Accompanied By : B. Anantharaman - Violin, S. Shankarnarayanan - Mridangam, Prasanna Athale - Tampura

Produced in Austria and recorded in France in 1995.

Track Listing

  • Mahaganapatim
    Raga: Nattai   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar
  • 4:46
  • Entamuddo
    Raga: Bindumalini   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Thyagaraja
  • 6:05
  • Naradamuni
    Raga: Pantuvarali   Thalam: Adi (Tisra Nadai)
    Composer: Thyagaraja
  • 9:10
  • Mohanarama
    Raga: Mohana   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Thyagaraja
  • 9:40
  • Soundararajam
    Raga: Brindavana Saranga   Thalam: Rupakam
    Composer: Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar
  • 9:12
  • Alaipayude
    Raga: Kanada   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Oothukadu Venkatasubbier
  • 4:15
  • Tillana
    Raga: Mohana Kalyani   Thalam: Adi
    Composer: Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman
  • 3:21

Liner Notes

  • The Carnatic Musical tradition as exposed by one of the most famous South Indian female vocalists, Aruna Sairam. Inherting the very well known 'Veena Dhanammal style', Aruna has, by long years of study, practice and performance, developed a traditional, virtuouso and original style. Musical aesthetic sense is beloved everywhere in the world.